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Bettcher's extensive equipment includes: 46 presses, from 60 to 900 Tons, Robot welding machines, resistant Spot welders, MIG Welding, Stud/PEM Riveting machines, Tapping machines, Trimming machines, four slide presses, CNC 2,3 & 4 axis Lathes, 3 axis CNC Mills, Precision Grinding, Vibratory De-burring, multiple 3 stage parts washers to wash, apply rust preventative and iron phosphate application, 2 Cranes of 15 tons and 1 crane of 5 tons.
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  • Bettcher is an Engineering Focused Company. We offer our expertise while the product is still on the drawing board or can assist with cost reduction efforts through design and process improvements.
  • With a team of experienced tooling, project and manufacturing managers, at Bettcher, we ensure that each new project is managed professionally from start to finish.
  • Customers can count on projects being implemented on time. Fully integrated MRP with shop floor bar coding for real time data access and cost accounting. EDI capability with data exchange.