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Metal forming

At Bettcher, our state of the art presses, combined with our experienced technicians and operators, allow us to provide on-time and cost effective stamping services to customers. We are able to process high quality components at low and high volumes. Having a variety of presses, from 60 to 900 Tons, and the technology for processing Progressive, Line and Transfer tooling makes our company unique and reliable.

We deliver products ranging from small, very intricate parts, to large gage deep drawn housings for nearly any type of industry. We have the following capabilities within Stamping: Piercing, Blanking, Forming, Coining, Shaving, Drawing, Deep Drawing, Odd-shaped Drawn Shells, Trimming, Pinch Trimming.
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Value Added

Bettcher's extensive expertise includes sheet metal fabricating, robot welding, spot welding, CNC machining, CNC press brake fabricating and others. Bettcher is loaded with both equipment and expertise ready to satisfy our customers value added requirements.

We work closely with our customers, using the perfect combination of machine skills and man power, to offer customers integrated value added solutions. These include a combination of operations such as stamping, welding, trimming, grinding, assembly, etc. Our Welders and robotic welding processes are AWS certified.